What Superpower Would I Have?

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the Marvel universe so I wanted to do a quiz on what superpower would I have. I typed it into google and clicked on the first link that came up, which was a Playbuzz one. If you want to take the quiz, click here.

The first question was You would use your powers for:

For this question, I answered peace. I definitely wouldn’t use my powers for gain as I’m not a selfish person. I’d want to help the world as I’d have the power to do so.

When faced with a problem, you:

I answered look for a logical solution. I wanted to put feel trapped as well but I thought back to problems I’ve faced in the past (like my art coursework) and came up with the conclusion that I always look for a logical solution to my problem.

True or False: You feel a personal obligation to help those in need, even if they are strangers?

I answered True as I do feel a personal obligation to help those in need. Whenever I hear what people are going through, I always want to help them with whatever it is as I always think, what if I was going through that situation?

What element do you feel most connected to?

I was stuck on this one as I didn’t really think I was connected to any element. The options were Water, Fire, Earth, Energy, Cosmos and Wind. I went through each one and answered Wind in the end, as it’s always appreciated where I live as it’s always hot and I didn’t really feel connected to the other elements.

Which of these are you most guilty of?

As soon as I saw Laziness, I knew I was going to have to pick that one. Yep, I’m very guilty of being lazy. I think I’m the best procrastinator in my family.

If you use your powers to become a superhero/supervillain, what animal will you base your identity on? 

No costumes. If I were a superhero, I definitely wouldn’t wear a costume. It would attract too much attention. I would probably wear a mask to hide my identity though, just so no one finds out it’s me.

Would you prefer to work as a team, or go it solo?

Definitely work as a team. I would feel less pressure on myself if I was saving the world while working as a team than going solo. Imagine losing the battle and then everyone blaming you because you were the only one there.

Are you worried you may become a force of evil if granted overbearing powers?

I answered Of course not! for this question. I couldn’t, even if I wanted to. It’s not in my nature to be evil. I’m serious, ask my friends.

Which of the following would you consider your best qualities? 

There was a lot of options for this question and because I was stuck between two, I had to ask my sister to help me with this one. In the end, I answered Easygoing & Carefree. These are definitely two of my best qualities as I don’t care and worry that much about problems (until they are three days away and I haven’t done anything and the panic monster comes out of it’s hibernation).

Do you struggle with discussing and/or feeling emotions?

Nope, I just let it all out! I normally struggle trying to stop my emotions because they’re overwhelming!

And finally, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for! My superpower is….

The Ability to Breathe Underwater.


Easygoing and flowing, your love of water and everything it represents makes you perfectly suited for water breathing! Fascinated with the ocean and its influence over our planet, you’ve known water is your element for as long as you can remember. Some may wish for flight, but you would rather be able to swim endlessly through Earth’s vast blue oceans any day. For you, water represents freedom and life itself, and your newfound waterbreathing abilities will allow you to leave a society you find quite trite and unbearably overcrowded behind. Now if you can learn to communicate with marine life like ol’ Aquaman you’ll be in REALLY good shape!


I don’t really agree with the end result as I don’t even like swimming and swimming in the sea kind of scares me. Well, swimming in the shallow is fine but swimming deep into the sea is probably a fear of mine. I think I would have rather got something like Telekinesis or Healing because how cool would that be?

Thanks for reading! If you do take the quiz, then let me know which power you get! I was also thinking of making a five-chapter story or something like that about a version of myself or a character coping with powers… I don’t know but if you’re interested in that then let me know! I might do it.


(The photo I used for this blog post is of Chloe Bennett as Quake/Daisy Johnson in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)


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