What I brought from ASOS

Before we went back to England on holiday, there was a sale on ASOS so my sister and I decided to buy some clothes. I brought four items; two coats and two dresses. I was more happy with the coats than the dresses but I’m still happy with what I brought.
ASOS Hooded Wool Blend Duffle Coat with Checked Liner.

Colour: Navy

Size: UK 12

Price: £45.50 (was £65.00)


Ever since I tried this on I LOVED it! I was really excited for this one as it reminded me of Paddington Bear’s coat, hence why I now call it my Paddington Bear coat. It’s very thick so it’s ideal for the cold English weather and it kept me very warm. I loved the Navy colour so much and the cute buttons on the front of the coat. There is also a zip down the middle of the coat that you could zip up if you needed to. Inside the coat is a lovely checked liner in the colours dark green and navy which I loved as well. Another thing I loved about the coat was the big pockets on each side of the front which I could fit quite a lot into!  I think this is my favourite item that I brought out of all of them as it kept me very cosy and warm. The high price was very worth it.

River Island Duster Coat

Colour: Dark Grey

Size: UK 12

Price: £60.00


Now this one wasn’t on sale and was quite expensive but I still brought it as it is for my Tina Goldstein cosplay. I’d been looking for a coat like this for ages so when I saw this one I brought it immediately. Even though I’ve brought it for a cosplay, I also love long coats so I’m definitely going to be wearing it a lot. I only wore it once in England though as it’s very thin so it didn’t keep me as warm as the previous coat did. I absolutely adore the coat though and I can’t wait to wear it more! It has a belt around the middle of the coat so you can do the coat up and two pockets on each side on the front.

True Decadence Petite 2 in 1 Allover Lace Full Prom Skater Dress

Colour: Black

Size: UK 12

Price: £27.00 (was £58.00)


I wore this dress to my Nan’s birthday lunch and wore my Duster coat with it as well. I think this is my least favourite out of all of the items I brought but I still really like it. It’s a 2 in 1 dress so it looks like it’s a cropped top and a skater skirt but it’s actually connected at the back with a zip. I wore a black vest with it though so you can’t really see it. It has two layers and on the first layer it’s got a lovely flower lace design on it then on the second layer it’s sort of a black silky fabric. I think I could have done with a smaller size to be honest, as it was very wide around my waist but it still felt comfortable and I would definitely wear it out again.

Elise Ryan Midi Dress with Lace Sleeve and Back

Colour: Red

Size: UK 12

Price: £23.00 (was £58.00)


Now, I was really happy with this dress! I’m actually considering wearing it to Prom. I love the colour of it SO MUCH and also how the underside of the sleeves and the back at the top are just a transparent net with lacey flowers! Although, the problem is that I don’t have a strapless bra, so I’ll have to find one if I want to wear it. The size is amazing as it fits my body figure so perfectly. On the front, it also has a sequin belt that only goes on the front half of the dress which I think looks really cute. The zip is a bit hard to zip up halfway through though but it’s something that I’m willing to put up with because I love this dress so much! Also, please excuse the wet patch on the front of the dress, my friend and I had a makeup malfunction (lol).

I’m not sure if these items are still on the website or are on sale but I definitely recommend that you buy them if you see them! Thanks for reading!


PS: I just want to thank my sister, Hollie and my friend, Ellie for taking these pictures. Sorry for making you take lots of pictures!


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