Spotify Playlist: Jan 17

Entering the new year, I was excited to listen to some new songs. Last month, I listened to lots of different songs, including two songs which were used in Sherlock Series Four. There were quite a lot more songs that I listened to but the 27 songs in this playlist were the ones that I kept on repeating and listening to the most.

1. My Mind Slipped Away by Holy Oysters

2. Carry You by KAYE

3. Talk Too Much by COIN

4. Throw Shade by CRUISR

5. My Hero by Foo Fighters

6. home by morgxn

7. Original Things by Dustin Hatzenbuhler

8. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

9. Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran 

10. Outside by Catfish and the Bottlemen

11. So Good by Louisa Johnson

12. My Number by Foals

13. Go Fuck Yourself by Two Feet

14. Middle Of My Mind by Tom Rosenthal

15. Go Solo by Tom Rosenthal

16. Can I Be Him by James Arthur 

17. Golden Years – OLWIK Remix by Dia Frampton

18. World of Trouble by Vian Izak

19. Wasted Youth by Sody

20. Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran 

21. I Want To Break Free by Queen

22. Who You Really Are (Sherlock Series 4) by David Arnold

23. On Hold by The xx

24. Mess of Things by Hemmingbirds

25. Criminal by COASTL WOLF

26. From Rest by Cold Weather Company 

27. In With Me by Sumif


And that’s my Spotify playlist for January! You can listen to it here and I’m already adding songs to my February playlist so you can listen to them throughout the month with me as well if you want to. You can also look at my last Spotify playlist blog post here.

Thanks for reading!


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