Little Things That Make Me Happy.

This blog post is a little bit different than my usual ones but I was thinking of things that made me happy and I just thought I would compile it into a blog post.

1- When my Dad, Mum, sister and I all have a family hug (we’ve been doing this since my Sister and I were babies).

2- Drinking English Breakfast Tea (if you know me, then you know I love my tea).

3- Listening to instrumental music with my earphones (for some reason it’s more effective with earphones on. It’s like the music is flowing through your body and you’re just so lost in the moment).

4- When I walk into the Nursery classroom that I help out with for my school service and this four year old boy called Conall always waves at me and says “Hi Chloe!”

5- When my family and I are back in England and we sometimes walk outside at night. I don’t know why I like it so much but I just love the stars and moon shining above us, the cold biting at our skin and the odd hedgehogs you sometimes see.

6- My family and I going up to Norfolk and staying at our friends house. I love spending time with them as I always have fun there and I’ve made so many happy memories there. I’m so excited to move to Norfolk so we can see more of each other!

7- The little crazy moments that I share with my friend, Kimber and my sister, Hollie. (These things mostly consist of snapchat videos, saving toes, weird puns and some moments where we are just so crazy that we make ourselves laugh for hours on end).

8- The talks that I have in the art room with my group of friends that do art. I swear, our art teacher must think that we’re all crazy!

9- Reading Harry Potter. (This is actually quite a big thing but I still wanted to mention it as I just love revisiting the world J.K. Rowling created and it can seriously cheer me up at anytime).

10- Spending time with my crazy cousins when we go back to England. I have seven cousins that are all crazy in their own little way and I love them all so much. The funny thing is that I’m the oldest out of all of them, however, I sometimes act the youngest (although I probably do act older than my youngest cousin who is a year and a half old though lol).

Thank you for reading! What are the little things that make you happy? I hope you’ve all had a great day!




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