Spotify Playlist: Dec 16

Every month on Spotify, I make a playlist of the songs that I listen to in that month. I’ve only been doing it for a while though. I started in October. I got the idea from Will Darbyshire’s and my friend, Kimberley’s Spotifys because they did the same thing. I decided that I would share my songs with you and (I’m not sure but) I’ll try and make these into monthly blog posts. I like lots of genres of music so the playlists normally consist of loads of different types of songs. Last month, I added 30 songs to my playlist:

  1. Home Alone by Ansel Elgort
  2. To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra 
  3. Enemy by Bearoid
  4. Radioactive by Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling
  5. Gotta Love it by Ruelle
  6. Raise Hell by Dorothy
  7. Stompa by Serene Ryder
  8. Make it out Alive by Jennifer Hall
  9. A Close Friend by James Newton Howard
  10. Set On Fire – Cloudchord Remix by Magic Giant and Cloudchord
  11. Nerve by DON BROCO
  12. Help Our Souls by NIHILS
  13. Infinite High – Bee’s Knees Remix by Panama Wedding and Bee’s Knees
  14. Heart Stray by The Fame Riot
  15. Lovecaught by The Ceremonies
  16. I’m Born To Run by American Authors
  17. A Thief’s End by Henry Jackman
  18. OutRight by Wild Party
  19. Brand New Moves by Hey Violet
  20. Northern Lights by Kate Boy
  21. Take Me Up by Coleman Hell
  22. The One Moment by OK Go
  23. Dressed Up by NYTCLUB
  24. Love in the Middle of a Firefight by Dillion Francis and Brendon Urie
  25. Sculptor by FEiN 
  26. Glow by High Tide and N/A
  27. Electric Flow by Fabriq
  28. Ignorance is Bliss by Shortstraw
  29. Stand Up by The Cabs
  30. Favorite Liar by The Wrecks

I really enjoyed listening to these songs and I hope you enjoy them too! You can listen to my playlist here. Thanks for reading!


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