Modelling On A Catwalk

Last Wednesday was Tajmeel’s (a Hair & Make-Up School in Qatar) Graduation and I was a model in it. The hair and make-up students had to work together on a style which was inspired by the theme that was chosen: Fantasy.

I had been a model for their Graduation last year as well so it was not a new thing to me. They put me as the leading model as I had more experience with it. There was a catwalk that we had to walk down and pose on, so as the leading model, I had to get up there first and show them what to do. My Mum told me where to pose on the catwalk and I walked with my back straight, shoulders up, head up and my hands on my hips. We all had to practice a few times to get it right and in the end we all looked really good.

The hair student and make-up student did an amazing job on my hair and make-up! The hair student had clipped extensions onto my hair to make my hair look longer and a sort of bun hairstyle on top of my head with hair accessories. The make-up student went for a purple and pink theme on my face and put jewels onto the corner of my forehead.

Modelling on a catwalk sounds terrifying and makes you nervous when you think about it but it was actually quite fun to do. You just had to make sure you kept a straight face, pose in the right places, step in sync with the beat of the music and make sure you don’t fall over. I wasn’t nervous before we went in but my sister was extremely nervous. We got it over and done with though and it was such a brilliant experience.

The only problem with being a model though is that because you have to stay still for the hair and make-up students for long hours, you can’t eat anything. So as you can imagine, I scoffed up everything in sight once the Graduation finished (lol).

Here are some of the photos that were taken from the Graduation.

I was also a model and did a 1920’s photoshoot for Tajmeel earlier this year, and you can read the blog post about it here. Thanks for reading!


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