Bath & BodyWorks Christmas Candles

Not many people know this but I am OBSESSED with candles. I think I actually have over thirty candles in my room. I don’t really watch Zoella that much, but I do always love to watch her Bath & BodyWorks Candle Haul.

Bath & BodyWorks is always my go to shop when I need candles. They have the best candles EVER! They just smell so nice and I always love to see the different themes they come up with. For example, they come up with Autumn-themed candles and now, they’ve brought out their Winter-themed candles which I was excited to see. I brought three little candles today and the two big ones are from last year that I didn’t manage to burn in time so I’ve been saving them for this year. I just want to quickly add that the big candles cost 75QR and the small ones cost 20QR.

Vanilla Bean Noel


Vanilla Bean Noel smells exactly like the name of it. It smells like Vanilla beans which I absolutely love! It reminds me of a Wintery smell and also Vanilla is one of my favourite scents! The colour of the candle is a mixture between green and turquoise, which is a very Christmassy colour as well. The lid of the candle is also very Christmassy as well as it has a snowflake on it. I also love the little bauble design on the candle as well, it looks so cute!

Twisted Peppermint


Twisted Peppermint (as you can see from the name) smells exactly like peppermint. It’s like when you taste one of the red and white candle canes- it’s that kind of smell. It makes me desperately want to buy and eat one of the peppermint candy canes now! The colour is white, with the same lid as Vanilla Bean Noel and has a cute little design of a little red and white peppermint on it. The smell is definitely one for you to burn at Christmas time!

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl


Cinnamon Caramel Swirl is one of the candles that I brought last year. If you don’t like sickly, sweet scents, then this one isn’t for you. You can definitely smell both the caramel and cinnamon in the candle, but the smell is just so strong and it can make you feel a bit sick. I think that’s why I haven’t seen it around the shops this year, because not a lot of people brought it last year. I do like the smell, it’s just sometimes it can be a bit too much, especially after you have a massive Christmas dinner and you’ve filled yourself up so much that you feel sick. The little fox design on the candle is so cute though!

Frosted Cranberry

img_9177 img_9180

And finally, Frosted Cranberry! My favourite scent out of them all! I love this scent so so so so much! Which is the reason why I brought a little candle of it again! Like all of the others, it smells exactly like the name of it, Frosted Cranberry. I’m not sure about the Frosted part but you can definitely smell the Cranberry and it’s a much sweeter scent than an actually Cranberry, but it’s a nice sweet scent, unlike the Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. Both packagings are so cute! The bigger one has a cute little owl holding a blue bauble on it and the smaller one has a little snowflake design on it. I love this scent so much and I really hope they continue to sell it over the next few years because it always reminds me of Christmas!

Thank you so much for reading this and I definitely recommend for you to go out to your local Bath & BodyWorks shop (if you have one) and look at the Winter candles!


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