Nov 14’s Supermoon

Today was the closest the moon has ever been to the Earth in the past seventy years! It was 14% bigger than usually and shone 30% brighter on the Earth. The next time the full moon will come this close to the Earth is in 2034. I’m not a big fan of Science but I do love to see things like these.

At five 0′ clock here, my sister, Dad and I all climbed up the ladder onto our roof (yes, we can do that) and watched the sky turn dark and the moon rise up in the East. For the first twenty minutes we couldn’t see anything, so we past the time by taking pictures of the beautiful sunset which was in the West. Then finally at half-past, my Sister said “There! There it is!” and pointed towards the faint outline at the moon which was very low in the sky at that moment. It wasn’t very visible though so we waited a bit longer to take pictures and we were very happy with the outcome.

The moon wasn’t as close to us as it would be in England, but it was still much bigger and beautiful than it usually is. Also, I have two characters in my story that I’m writing that are werewolves so I was thinking of them when I was watching the moon rise into the sky (lol).

Most of my pictures weren’t that good quality as my camera had run out and I had to use my iPhone but they still came out surprising well. I narrowed the pictures down to two. The first one I had taken was around five-fifty and the second one was at eight.



Thanks for reading! What did you think of the Supermoon?



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