My Favourite YouTubers

YouTube is very popular in this generation, so in this blog post I wanted to talk about my favourite YouTubers. I have four favourites and they are Daz Black, Tanya Burr, Bertie Gilbert and Adrian Bliss. (They are not in order because they are all my favourites and I can’t choose between them!)


Daz Black

I only discovered Daz Black in May, when I kept seeing his video ‘Daz Watches Jacob Sartorius’ pop up. I finally watched it and I was laughing my butt off. It was so funny! I immediately subscribed to him after that and watched his other videos. I was also obsessed with watching him play Uncharted 4 when it came out. His commentary is the best and the game was so good. He has two channels, Daz Games and Daz Black. Daz Games is basically a mix of gaming and him reacting to other videos, and Daz Black is his comical sketches. I never fail to laugh at his videos and I’ve even got my parents watching his videos now as well! Our favourite gaming series of his is his Sim’s series, which we always laugh so much at! I’d really love to meet him in person- and I nearly did. I went to Summer In The City but unfortunately on the day before Daz went.

Below is the first video I watched of Daz’s, ‘Daz Watches Jacob Sartorius’. WARNING: You will laugh so hard that you’ll end up crying!




Tanya Burr

I found Tanya Burr through other YouTuber’s videos and decided to give her videos a go, and I absolutely loved them! She has all different types of videos which is one of the reasons why I like watching them so much, and I love watching her vlogs especially because it’s interesting to see what she gets up to. She uploads lots of videos to do with fashion, baking, beauty and lots of other stuff. She also has a blog and I love reading her posts as well! I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m still writing on this blog; I keep getting inspired by her blog posts so I keep writing my own! Also, if you’ve read my blog post before, you’ll probably know that I’ve met Tanya! My Mum got tickets for my sister, cousin and I to go to her book signing in Norwich! I only met her for like ten or fifteen seconds but IT WAS STILL SO COOL MEETING HER!

Below is one of her ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos which I always love to watch because it’s so interesting!





Bertie Gilbert

I first heard of Bertie Gilbert when he played Scorpius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I’d only become obsessed with The Next Generation two years ago so when I found out he played Scorpius, I searched him up. I watched a few of his short films that he had posted so far on YouTube and loved them so I instantly subscribed to him! His short films are so amazing! They’re beautifully written, acted out, filmed and they always have a deep meaning to them. I love watching them so much and always get excited when I see that he’s filming another one. I didn’t manage to meet him at Summer in The City this year but I did see him (I FREAKED OUT) as you can see from the picture below.

Below is one of his short films, ‘TICK WHERE IT HURTS’ which is my favourite short film of his (it made me cry so much!).





Adrian Bliss

I first discovered Adrian Bliss when another YouTuber I used to watch put a link to one of his videos. I watched that video (it was the recent Vlogs From The Future one) and I thought he was really funny so I subscribed to him and checked out his other videos. I saw that he had only just started this series called ‘VLOGVEMBER’ so I decided to give it a go… and I LOVED IT! It had me laughing loads! I continued to watched his Vlogvember’s and was so sad when it finished. So when I found out that he was doing a ‘VLUNE’ series, I literally screamed and jumped around my sister’s room! Vlune was just as brilliant as Vlogvember and I loved it so much! I even helped out Adrian on his Kickstarter and I brought a poster which was signed by him and Greg (who appears in VLOGVEMBER and VLUNE)! I had heard that he was going to be at Summer in The City and freaked out but then I thought he was going to go on another day and then became sad. Then I saw people tweeting that they had met him and I FREAKED OUT SO MUCH AND I WENT LOOKING FOR HIM AROUND THE BUILDING WITH MY SISTER AND THEN I SAW HIM AND RAN UP TO HIM AND IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING TIMES IN MY LIFE! He was so nice and I actually got to have a conversation with him which I was so happy about! Then I left and went back to my Mum but then a few minutes later I kinda went back to find him again because I wanted his autograph in my autograph book (lol).

Below is his first vlog in his VLOGVEMBER series and I definitely recommend that you give it a go!



I definitely recommend that you give their videos a go and subscribe to them! Thank you so much for reading!


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