The Mortem Hotel – Night Two Part Two

It’s finally time for Jack Sawyer to go on the book tour for his newly released book, Darkness Falls. He’s organised everything, except he’s forgotten to book a hotel room. He arrives at the Mortem Hotel, a very creepy looking hotel and manages to book a room. But what Jack doesn’t know, is that there are strange things that happen in the hotel at night…

With the help from a familiar looking girl, will Jack escape the Mortem Hotel?


“What the hell are they?” Jack whispered and Laura shushed him.

“Be quiet!” She muttered and shook her head. “Do you want to be killed?”

“Could you at least explain what these things are?” Jack asked her, annoyed that she wasn’t telling him anything.

When Jack and Laura had came in, there were about five monsters scattered around the room. They looked like normal humans, except their skin was pure white and some of it was decaying. They were both hiding behind an old car, which Jack had narrowed his eyes at. At first he had thought, why was there an old car in a hotel room? Then he ignored it as he had already experienced weird things in this hotel.

“It’s a creeper.” Laura mumbled.

“What, like those minecraft things?”

“No!” She muttered. “They’re a mixture between a vampire and a zombie.”

“Wow… How lovely…” Jack mumbled.

“Okay…” Laura mumbled, looking through the the car window. “We need to make a distraction. What do you suggest?”

“Me? I thought you were the one who was making all the decisions.” Jack muttered and Laura glared at him.

“You’re the one who created me. You made me like this.”

“No, I created a character in a book, that is nothing like you.” Jack spat.

“Well, if I’m just a character, I mustn’t be real. Therefore, that means you’re all on your own.” Laura said then disappeared.

“What the- Laura?” Jack whispered and looked around. She had completely disappeared into thin air! Now, Jack was all alone. He bit his lip and looked through the window of the old car. There were still five monsters. He looked around for something to throw, and found a brick. He reached out to grab it but stopped when he heard a screech and loud footsteps. He looked through the window to see the five creepers crawling through another door which had been on the right hand side of the room when Jack had came in. Once the five creepers had gone through the door, Jack, very slowly, stood up but stopped once he saw movement again. He looked over at the door again, only to find a young girl closing the door and locking it. It was Laura.

“What! How did you… You were here… Then you were there…” Jack said loudly.

“I had to create a distraction. Come on, let’s go and see if we can find anything.”

Jack stood up and walked out from behind the car. Now that he wasn’t hiding, he could finally see what the room looked like.

It was massive. Jack was pretty sure this room wasn’t part of the hotel. Well, how could it be? This room was probably bigger than the actual hotel itself.

“How come my room wasn’t as big as this?” Jack joked. Laura glared at him.

“Don’t try to be funny, Jack. We’ve nearly got killed twice already.” Laura muttered.

“Just trying to lighten up the mood.”

The massive room looked like a run-down carnival. There were carnival games, photo booths and a carousel. But these things were all broken down and looked as if they had been broken for years…

“Okay, I don’t know which room is better right now. Something is out ready to kill us in the hallway and this room is just creepy.”

“Which is why we should be very careful in here.” Laura told him, walking over to the carousel. “There might be more creepers.”

“Wait, you mean we’re staying in here?” Jack asked her. He did not want to stay in this room. More creepers were bound to be in here, already preheating the oven to kill them and eat them.

Laura turned around and put her hands on her hips. “Oh, so, you want to go back into the hallway? This is your fault we’re in here, by the way.”

“My fault! Why is this my fault?”

“You were the one who was not in your room!”

“I was going to go to my room but then you showed up!” Jack muttered. “What were you doing outside anyway?”

“Checking to see if you were in your room.”

“I don’t need a babysitter, I’m twenty-six, I can look after myself.”

“Really Jack? Without me, you’d be dead by now.”

“You’re like, fifteen.”

“I am fifteen. You’re the one who made me fifteen.”

“Stop saying that!”

“Okay, we need to stop.” Laura sighed. She pointed to the carousel. “See that? In the middle of the carousel there’s a little room that normally operates the carousel. I found it the other day. We can hide in there until morning. Then we can go.”

“Okay.” Jack mumbled. “Good idea. Let’s just hope no monsters are in there, or find us in there.”

They walked over to the carousel and Jack put a foot on it. It’s creaked and moved a little. Jack and Laura exchanged glances, then Jack walked on. Once he reached the door in the middle of the carousel, he put his hand on the doorknob and opened the door slightly. He peeked through the gap he made to see if anything was in there, then opened it once he saw nothing. They both walked into the room, which actually looked bigger on the inside. It was in the shape of a circle and there was a little control panel opposite them. Other than that, the room was empty. Laura shut the door and used the key in the door to lock it. It was pitch black, until Laura found a light switch and the ceiling light turned on.

“We should probably get some sleep.” Laura muttered, sitting down and leaning against the wall.

“What if something tries to attack us? We should probably take it in turns. One of us sleeps while the other one stays up and watches.” Jack said. He had started to get used to the place- not in a homely way, but in a way where he knew what to expect. Laura nodded and Jack sat down. “I’ll take the first watch if you want.”

“Thanks.” Laura closed her eyes, still sitting up. Jack sighed and took his coat off.

“Here,” He said, folding his coat and putting on the floor. Laura opened her eyes and looked at him. “Use this as a pillow.”

“Jack, you don’t have to-”

“Yes I do. Now get some sleep.”

“Thank you.” She smiled at him, laid her head down on his coat and closed her eyes.

He run a hand through his hair and looked down at the girl. Was this really Laura? Jack was sure he wasn’t dreaming, he had already checked about ten times in the past two hours by pinching his arm really hard. He was also sure that his arm was going to have lots of mini bruises on in the morning.

But how could this girl be Laura? Laura was a fictional character, created by him. Maybe he was going crazy? He hadn’t slept very well for the past few nights… Maybe he was sleep deprived and he was hallucinating all of this.

He picked his phone out of his pocket. There was still no wifi, and he didn’t even have a signal. He checked the time. It was ten past ten. He sighed. This was going to be a long night.




“Jack, wake up!”

“Noooo…” Jack mumbled, snuggling his head into his pillow.

“Seriously Jack, wake up! It’s morning!”

Jack opened his eyes. He looked down and saw his coat. This wasn’t his pillow! He looked up to see Laura kneeling by his side. Memories from the night before came flooding in and Jack sat up.

“It’s morning?” He asked her, scratching his head. He looked at the time on his phone. It was seven in the morning. He gasped. “It’s morning!”

“I know! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for the past five minutes!” Laura muttered, standing up. Jack grabbed his coat and stood up with her.

“Is it safe to go out there?” He asked, looking at the door.

“There’s only one way to find out.” She mumbled and walked towards the door. She unlocked it and opened it a little. “It’s clear.” She said and walked out of the room. Jack started followed her but then walked into her, not realising she had stopped.

“What are you-” Laura put her hand on Jack’s mouth and pointed into the corner of them room.

There was a creeper.

It was curled up into a little ball right beside the Photo booth. Jack’s heartbeat quickened and he slowly stepped back. Laura grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“We need to get out of this room.” She whispered so quietly that Jack had to move his head a little closer to Laura to hear her. “If we’re quiet, we’ll be able to get out of here safely.”

Jack mentally sighed. Another great chance for them to get killed. Even though he wasn’t sure that this plan was going to work, he still nodded and followed her very quietly across the room and over to the door. The creeper didn’t wake up, which made Jack feel much more at ease. Once they had got the door open, rushed into the hallway and closed the door behind them very quietly, they sighed in relief.

“I’m glad that’s over.” Laura said, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.

“I’m glad we’re still alive.” Jack mumbled and looked down the hallway. “Come on, let’s leave this place.”

They ran into the reception and over to the doors. A grin appeared on Jack’s face. He was finally getting out of this nightmare, and was never coming back. He grabbed the doorknob, twisted it and pushed against the door.

Nothing happened.

The grin disappeared from Jack’s face. He tried pulling the door open.

It was no use.

“This doesn’t make sense!” Jack shouted. “I thought you said the doors unlock at six in the- Laura?”

Jack had turned around to be greeted with an empty room.

“Laura?” He shouted, looking down the hallway.

Laura was right behind him! Where the hell did she go? Jack’s thoughts raced madly. He was alone. In a creepy hotel. Surrounded by monsters.

With no way out.

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