The Mortem Hotel – Night One

It’s finally time for Jack Sawyer to go on the book tour for his newly released book, Darkness Falls. He’s organised everything, except he’s forgotten to book a hotel room. He arrives at the Mortem Hotel, a very creepy looking hotel and manages to book a room. But what Jack doesn’t know, is that there are strange things that happen in the hotel at night…

With the help from a familiar looking girl, will Jack escape the Mortem Hotel?


A black cab stopped in front a building. The door to the black cab opened and a 26 year old man stepped out of it. He grabbed his bags from inside the cab and mumbled a “Thanks,” to the cab driver. As the cab driver drove away, he looked up at the building. It looked centuries old, and was about eleven feet tall with two floors. It also had a dark and frightening look to it, not something you would like to spend the night in.

But, unfortunately for this man, he was going to have to stay in it for three nights.

He slowly walked up the pathway and up the stairs to the doors. He looked behind him, checking to see if anyone was there. He felt like he was being watched.

As he opened the door, it made a very loud creaking sound. He instantly regretted being unorganised and not booking a hotel before arriving in Scotland. He walked into the reception and raised his eyebrows as he looked around the room. The inside was even more frightening than the outside. The room was only lit by candles that were in lanterns and the furniture looked like it had been imported from the fifties. The room was freezing which made the man glad he was wearing his thick, dark blue coat. The whole place was covered in cobwebs and a thick layer of dust.

“They definitely live up to the Halloween spirit here…” He mumbled.

Everything was silent apart from the man’s shaky breaths. Hopefully there was going to be a heater in his room. He coughed from the dust in the air and stepped forward. As if on cue, the door immediately slammed behind him which make him jump and turn around in shock.

“Hello!” The man jumped again and span around to see who spoke. A blonde-haired woman who looked around his age, with bright, white teeth was smiling at the man from behind a counter. The man assumed that this was the receptionist and walked up to the counter.

“Welcome to the Mortem Hotel, Sir! Have you booked a room?”

“Um, no. Do you have any available rooms?” He asked, feeling a little bit better that there was now someone with him. He didn’t have a very good feeling about this place.

“How long will you be staying for?” The blonde-haired receptionist smiled at him. She was very pretty and he was considering asking for her number.

“Just three nights. I’m not here for that long.” He replied, nervously smiling back at her.

“What’s your name?” She asked, picking up a pen and opening a large, brown book which was also very dusty, so a lot dust flew off it as she opened it.

“Jack-” He coughed. “Sawyer.”

The woman wrote his name down in the large book then bent down and picked something up. “Here is your key, Sir. Room number thirteen, straight down the hall and to your right.” She pointed to a hallway.

“Don’t I need to pay for my room?” Jack asked, confusedly.

“Oh, that won’t be necessary.” She smiled at him.

“Look, I’d prefer to pay now, if you don’t mind.” He said, looking down and fumbling his hands around in his back pocket for his wallet. He got it out and opened it. “How much is it?” He asked and looked up. But the receptionist wasn’t there. “Hello?”

He stood on this tiptoes to see if he could see the receptionist hiding somewhere. Was someone playing a prank on him?

“I swear to God, if someone’s pranking me…” He muttered.

Jack picked up his bag that he hadn’t realised he dropped on the floor before, and put his wallet back in his pocket. He decided to ask the receptionist if he could pay the next time he saw her. He got his phone out from his other pocket and sighed when he saw that he had no signal.

“Can you at least tell me what the wifi password is?” He shouted.

He got no response, but heard a muffled groan come from down the hallway.

“What the hell was that?” He whispered and slowly walked down the hallway.

The hallway had the same atmosphere as outside and the reception. It was freezing cold, lit by lanterns but had very intimidating paintings on the walls. He quickly walked down to the end of the hallway and turned right, to find his room. Once he found it, he quickly unlocked the door, hurried inside and locked the door. He sighed in relief. Jack had felt like he was being watched again.

He put the torch on his phone on and searched around for a light switch. He switched the light on, once he found one and looked around the room. All of the furniture was covered in white sheets. He tutted. They could at least given him a room that had looked like it had been used within the past ten years.

He couldn’t wait until tomorrow when he would be getting out of this hotel to go and meet his readers. Seeing them would make him forget all about this creepy place. They were all so excited to read Darkness Falls and Jack couldn’t wait until they met the main character, Laura. He put his bag down on the floor and jumped when a loud knock came from behind him. He let out a shaky breath. This place had put him on edge and made him scared of everything that moved.

“Who is it?” Jack asked, standing next to the door.

“Uhh… Room service?” It was a young girl’s voice. Jack scrunched up his eyebrows. It sounded more like a question then an answer.

When Jack didn’t open the door, the girl then sighed. “Look, I need to talk to you, Jack. You have to get out of here now.”

Jack froze. How did she know his name? This did not sound like the woman from the reception. He hesitated, but then unlocked the door and opened it. A girl, only a little shorter than him, stood with her back to him. She turned around and quickly said, “You better let me in. It’s nearly nine o’ clock. They’ll be out soon.”

Jack scrunched up his eyebrows. There was something very familiar about this girl. He felt like he had met her before and known her for quite a while.

“Who will be out soon?” Jack asked.

She crossed her arms. “Trust me. You don’t want to know.”

He stared at her, then stepped aside to let her in. She walked in and Jack closed the door.

“You might want to lock it. You don’t want anything getting in.” She told him and he raised his eyebrow at her. “Just do it.”

Jack rolled his eyes and did as she said. He then turned around and crossed his arms.

“Who are you? And why do I have to leave this place?” He asked her, curiously. He was already knew he was definitely getting out of the hotel tomorrow, but he was curious. Why did he have to leave?

“Jack, you just have to listen to me- and listen carefully, won’t you?” She muttered. “Look, it’s not safe for you to be here. Every night at nine o’ clock, terrible things come out and roam the hallways. You won’t want to be out after nine or stay here any longer.”

“Do I know you?” Jack asked, stepping towards her.

“That’s irrelevant.” She mumbled.

“Fine. Why are you telling me this?”

“I want you to be safe.” She told him then looked at her watch. “Two minutes until nine. Make sure you keep your door locked and whatever you do, do not come outside of your room. You’ll be safe at six in the morning, but make sure you don’t come out until then.”

The girl walked past Jack and unlocked the door.

“Wait! Can I at least know your name?” Jack asked. If he were to trust this girl, he’d feel much more comfortable knowing her name.

“You already know my name Jack. You chose it.” She opened the door, stepped outside and then turned around.

“I’m Laura.”

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