The Mortem Hotel – My Short Story

In spirit of one of my favourite months of the year, I am going to be posting a short scary story for you all to read. If you know my Wattpad account, @LordSuggington, you probably know that last year I made a scary story about one of my favourite YouTubers, Joe Sugg, going to a strange hotel for his book tour. You will also probably know that I never finished it last year…

Well, this year I will be putting the remaining chapters on Wattpad, but also on here. There will be difference though, as on here I will not be using Joe as my main character. I’ve changed the main character to Jack Sawyer, a British author who has just released his new book and is about to go on his book tour. I wanted to change the main character because if I’d kept Joe as the main character, it won’t appeal to people who don’t watch him.

I’ll be posting the first chapter today and then I’ll be posting every Monday of the month, so the last chapter will be published on Halloween. The last three chapters on Wattpad will be going up on the 17th and so on, so if you just want to read the Joe fanfic, you’ll have to wait until Monday, the 17th.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope this will be scary enough for you and get you into the Halloween mood!


It’s finally time for Jack Sawyer to go on the book tour for his newly released book, Darkness Falls. He’s organised everything, except he’s forgotten to book a hotel room. He arrives at the Mortem Hotel, a very creepy looking hotel and manages to book a room. But what Jack doesn’t know, is that there are strange things that happen in the hotel at night…

With the help from a familiar looking girl, will Jack escape the Mortem Hotel?


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