Merlin Obsession

Before the summer, when I was still in school, my friend had recommended that I watch a show called Merlin. I had heard of Merlin before when I used to have a fan account for Sherlock and Doctor Who. I had followed some accounts that liked to post stuff to do with Merlin. The unfortunate thing was because I was following these people, I already knew how the series had ended.

Anyways, so at the start of August, my Mum handed me the controller to the television and said “Here, you can watch want you want” while she went to bed. I scrolled through Netflix, unsure of what to watch. I was considering watching a few films I had seen before until I saw that a show called ‘Merlin’ was in my ‘Suggestions for You’. After debating on what to watch, I decided to give Merlin a try and even though I only watched two episodes that night, I was hooked.

So for the whole of August, I had been watching Merlin. I’d watch it whenever I could; before I went to bed, when I was bored, when I was eating… When my cousins came over and saw I was watching Merlin, they started to watch it with me. What I didn’t actually know is that my Auntie and two cousins had actually watched all of Merlin before so I began to discuss it with them as well.

I also began to start getting attached to the characters. I loved Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen so much but not Morgana so much after series 3, 4 and 5. I guess it’s because I could relate to them and they also made me happy whenever I watched it. Even though I knew what happened to the characters… I was still not prepared for the end of the series.

I cried so much! It was heart-breaking. Loads of my favourite characters died and then the others had to live with it… Merlin, Arthur and Gwen’s ends made me the saddest. My heart was broken for days after I finished watching it. I’ve made a Pinterest board about Merlin and followed Merlin accounts on Instagram which breaks my heart even more when I look at them and think about the ending.

I do recommend that you watch it though, if you haven’t. It will break your heart but it’s also a very funny, loving and adventurous show.


Young Merlin is a teenager, discovering and then learning to master his magical gift. Magister Gaius, King Uther Pendragon’s learned court physician to whom he’s assigned as humble page, teaches him medicine, coaches his magical self-study, and warns him of Uther’s strong aversion to magic. Merlin becomes squire to the noble but imprudent crown prince, Arthur, whose fate is linked with Merlin.


Thanks for reading!


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