Spooky Nights

Okay so, if you follow my Twitter @LordSuggington, you would have probably seen me tweeting about weird things that had been happening when I’ve been staying up late. 

This all started three days ago, when I watched Most Haunted with my parents. Now, I love Most Haunted. I love things to do with spirits and stuff. I find it interesting. The Most Haunted episode that we had watched was quite a scary one. For their series finale they did a three-part investigation at a prison in England. We watched the first part that night and what an episode it was! There were bangs, whistling, a member of crew collapsing and loads more things. I thought it was a brilliant episode and I couldn’t wait to watch the next two. 

We later decided to go to bed. My parents went to sleep as they had to work in the morning and as it is the summer holidays, my sister and I were both up. We were in our own rooms, my sister watching Teen Wolf and I was watching Merlin. And this is where it begins…

Halfway during the very intriguing episode, I heard a brick move from outside. I paused the tv and listened. It had come from right outside my window. Well, not right outside as I’m on the second floor but it was in my garden. It was quite a loud sound, so I knew it was coming from my garden and not somewhere distant. Instead of looking outside my window (I was too scared to), I went to my parents bedroom and told them about it. My Mum just told me that it was nothing and that I was a bit on edge from the Most Haunted episode. I agreed with my Mum, saying that it was probably a cat and closed their bedroom door. I was still freaked out though so I asked my sister to sleep in my room that night. I asked her if she heard the brick moving and she said she did, so I knew I wasn’t imagining it. 

Nothing else really happened and I eventually got to sleep. In the morning, I went outside in my garden to see if there were any bricks on the ground. There were none but there were bricks on the flower pots that my Dad had put on there recently. It had also been windy yesterday, but I don’t think the wind could have been so strong to move a brick.

The next night we watched the second part of the Most Haunted investigation. It was a good episode again and later we went to bed and again, I watched Merlin. This was around the same time as the last night that something happened again. I heard a bang from outside my door. As soon as I heard it, I got up and crossed my room to get the controller. Staying calm, I paused the tv and put the torch on my iPhone on. I opened my door and looked out on the landing. On the landing we have some high bookshelves and some wardrobes. On one of the bookshelves we had put a plastic snow globe on there. When I looked out on the landing, it was on the floor. I walked over to it and I saw that it had already leaked a lot over the floor so I went to go and get some tissue from the bathroom (which was on the landing too). I started to clean it up with the tissue paper, when suddenly I heard a noise from downstairs. I stopped what I was doing and turned around, shining my phone light to see if anything was there. There was nothing there of course, but it did freak me out. I abandoned the snow globe and wet tissue and wet to my parents room again. They just said it was nothing again so I went back to bed. 

The next night, my sister offered me to sleep in her room so I did. Partly because it was like having a sleepover but also because I had finished watching Merlin and my heart was broken (it still is btw). This time I didn’t hear any bangs but only loud footsteps coming from the landing. In the morning, I asked my Mum if she had gone to the toilet last night and she did say yes, but I was still a little curious because I’m pretty sure I had heard the footsteps for a much longer time than for my Mum to go to the toilet. It was also the same time as the past two nights. These weird things happening had freaked me out but also made me very curious. 

And now for the thing that had only happened an hour ago. 

I had been watching Stranger Things (only two episodes though) and then gone onto my phone to look at Pinterest, when I heard a door slam. I immediately went onto Twitter and explained what had happened, like I had been doing the past three nights. Now, I would have probably assumed that it was next door, only if my Mum hadn’t of told me what happened earlier.

When we came back home today after going out shopping, she walked over to her office door and said “Has anyone been shutting this door?”. We all replied No and she explained to us that last night she had kept the door open and in the morning she had found it closed. She told us that she had left this door open before we went out and now it was closed. And this door was held back by a steamer thing from my Mum’s work, so it couldn’t have moved by itself. She had then suspected it to be me, as I was grinning, but I was only grinning because I thought my suspicions were maybe true. My sister then confessed that she might have kicked the steamer thing so my Mum concluded that it was my sister. I still think it’s connected to the weird things that had been happening to me at night though. 

Anyway, after discussing what had happened with my friend, Jess (@melonsminter) on Twitter, I decided to go and tell my parents. They were still awake so my Dad came downstairs with me to check on the door. But once we got down there, the door was still open. It could have just been my neighbours but I’m still convinced it has something to do with the past nights events. 

I think it could either maybe be a spirit or even a poltergeist as the snow globe had fallen down, but it could still be just my imagination, and I’m just over-reacting with all of these events. What do you think? Is a spirit playing tricks on me or am I just being silly? 

Thank you for reading!


PS: okay, so as I’m writing this, I’m hearing these muffled voices and faint bangs. It could either be my neighbours or the wind… But it sounds like someone crying….


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