Chloe and The Harry Potter Summer

MY EXAMS ARE OVER! Now, this is when Summer starts for me.

I wanted to talk about one of the things (which leads to a whole lot of other things) of why I am excited about this summer. This summer is going to be a Harry Potter summer for me. We are going to be doing other things as well but I just wanted to talk about this one for now.

To start it off, I’m joining in the HPReadathon2016 on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. If you didn’t see my recent blog post, then it’s basically when Potterheads all come together and read/reread the Harry Potter series! This year, it’s in the lead up to the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child script book! It’s so much fun! I’ve already finished Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone and everyone starts Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets tomorrow. I have the schedule here if you want to join in.


The second thing to why I am excited about Harry Potter this summer is that my parents, sister and I are all going to Scotland and Oxford which are both places where the Harry Potter films have been filmed! In Oxford, we’ll be going to the Bodleian Library, where some of the Harry Potter films were filmed. For example, the Library was filmed there and also the Hospital Wing. Then we’ll be going to Scotland, where lots of the Harry Potter films were filmed. For example, we’ll be going to The Jacobite, which is where the Hogwarts Express goes on a bridge to Hogwarts. We will hopefully be going on the train, if it is open.

1435009480-1435009480_goodreads_misc Glenfinnan-Viaduk-hogwarts-express

The third thing that I am excited about is that I’ll be going to the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Midnight Book Launch in Waterstones Piccadilly in London! I’ll be going with my two best friends and my sister. We will be one of the first people in the world to get our hands on the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child script book! I’m not going to see the play (unless I get tickets from the Friday Forty) so this will be my only chance to see what happened to Harry and everyone in this script book. I don’t want to read any spoilers and I’m sure a lot of other people don’t want to see spoilers either, so if you have seen the play or seen a spoiler online, make sure you do what J.K. Rowling asked you to do and KEEP THE SECRETS!!! I have seen two spoilers online when someone I followed on Twitter tweeted about it and I immediately muted them. Other people have been tweeting spoilers as well and I have muted them as well. I basically muted my whole timeline on Twitter!



I will be writing blog posts about my experiences with them later on when I go to them. Thank you for reading!


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