Painting A Ceramic

I am a helper for Beavers (it’s just like Guides but it’s for both boys and girls) and last Tuesday the leaders set up a little activity for the Beavers to do for their badge- which was to paint a ceramic. We went to a little place behind a mall which was a ceramic painting shop. All of the Beavers were finished after an hour or less, then the boy who helped with Beavers was finished, then my sister was finished… and I was the last one up the table (typical me). We only had two hours at the painting ceramic place, and with someone who has been proven to have a slow brain and has taken Art for IGCSE… I was bound to use every single second of those two hours and annoy everyone else with how slow I was.

I was determined to make this a perfect dog, however I wasn’t as pleased with the outcome. It was actually quite annoying because the paint kept coming off again and again whenever I went to put on another coat of paint. I really wished I had more time to finish it. I would have added shadows onto the dog where needed, I would have made the eyes much more neater and also painted the dog’s nails on.

The ceramic dog I chose to paint.
These were the paints I used.
IMG_1640 2
I finished painting it.
The final product.
Even though I wasn’t as pleased with the outcome, I’m still quite proud of what I did within two hours. Thanks for reading!


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