Things I’ve been loving recently

There are a bunch of things that I’ve really been loving recently and I thought that I would share them with you in a blog post! These things that I have been loving recently are only in the past few months, so this is kind of like a favourites blog post but including my favourites from the past few months.

My Marauders mug


I got this mug for my birthday and I love it so so so much. It brings together two of my favourite things: Tea and the Marauders. The art is by @susannedraws on instagram and I just can’t explain who much I love it. The Marauders are some of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series and seeing this amazing artwork of them makes me so happy.

You can buy the mug on Society6 or RedBubble.

8445709_300x300  NR36ltt4

The Originals 


OH MY GOODNESS. HOW CAN I PUT THIS INTO WORDS? The Originals is currently my most favourite show and it has been my favourite show since season 3 started. It was so good before season 3 as well but I just feel like season 3 has been the best season so far. I’m also finding it much more interesting than The Vampire Diaries right now. If you didn’t know, The Originals is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries about this family of vampires which are the first vampires to ever be created. It has witches, werewolves and hybrids in it as well as vampires. I have to admit, the first episode of The Originals was a little boring but it gets better and better later on. AND THE ENDING WAS SO GOOD BUT SO HEARTBREAKING AT THE SAME TIME! I really recommend that you watch it, although if you don’t like seeing peoples hearts being pulled out of their chest, then I’d watch out for Elijah if I were you.

You can watch it on watchseries here.

Coast Dresses

About month ago, I was looking for a dress that I could wear to my friend’s brother’s wedding and my Mum suggested that I go to Coast because she said that they have nice dresses in there. Now, the clothes were very pricey but my Mum brought it as a present for me and made me promise that I would wear it a lot. I got a black ‘Zahara Fold Top’ and a ‘Lulu Full Skirt’. I love them so much but unfortunately I couldn’t wear it to the wedding as the wedding was cancelled and put forward to the summer holidays when I’m not there. However, I did wear the dress to a photoshoot I did at my Mum’s work and it looks so good in the photos. I’ve been following Coast’s instagram and I just love their clothes so much. For example, two of my favourite clothes that I found on their instagram were the Chloey Metallic Jacquard Dress and the Artemis Coat.

You can buy any of their clothes on the Coast website or in your local Coast store.


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children 


I read this book a few weeks ago and I loved it so much! If you didn’t know, they have made a film of this and it is coming out on September 30th of this year. I wanted to be one of those people who read the book before the film came out and I read it in under 24 hours! I was hooked onto it and you can read more about my thoughts on it in my recent book review that I posted (you can read it here).

You can buy the book or read the first 5 chapters on Wattpad.

MissPeregrineCover   310789_larger

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Okay so, I haven’t been playing this, I’ve only just been watching gameplay of it but it is still one of my FAVOURITE GAMES EVER! I didn’t really know what the Uncharted games were until I saw everyone freaking out about it on Twitter so I’d thought I watch a gameplay to see what it is and I do not regret watching it. I’ve been watching Daz Black play it and it’s seriously SO GOOD. The graphics are so amazing and I love the story! I would tell you the plot but it would kind of give it all away… It’s basically just this guy called Nathan Drake going to find the biggest pirate treasure in history. I really recommend that you play it or watch gameplay of it because it is seriously so so good.

91ZbEUPCdLL._SX342_.jpg         unnamed

The Walking Dead 


I started watching The Walking Dead late last year when I was sick and wanted to watch something to distract me. I binge watched all five seasons in a whole week and I’m so happy that I did because THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD! It’s basically about a group that goes around, surviving in a world where there are zombies. It’s full of action, it’s gory, it’s HEARTBREAKING (not going to say anything more about that because of spoilers) and it’s just one of my favourite shows. I was a little late with starting Season 6 as I was so busy with preparing for my Art exam and I finished it in two days! I watched it when my Nanny and Grandad were visiting us and they went out with my parents and sister for dinner but I couldn’t go as I was sick (again) and wanted to distract myself (again). This season was left off on a MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS SO BADLY but it’s not coming back on until October this year. My favourite characters are Daryl, Carl, Michonne, Rick, Glen, Beth and Maggie. I can’t wait until Season 7 comes out to find out what happens (I’m not going to say what happened in the cliffhanger, but I’m pretty sure there is a 99.9% chance I’m going to cry when I watch the first episode of Season 7).



8tracks is one of my go to music websites now. It’s basically a website full of playlists that people make and there are all sorts of genres on there. I like listening to instrumental playlists (like I said in my Revising blog post) and also themed playlists. For example, I have a collection of Harry Potter playlists that I like listening to and also a collection of Instrumental playlists. I love listening to them whenever I’m revising, writing or just chilling out.

You can sign up for 8tracks here.

Beyond Two Souls


This is another one of my favourite games. My two friends recommended that I should watch it so I gave it a go and I LOVED IT! I watched PewDiePie play it and I was obsessed with watching it! The plot was so good and even though it gets a little bit confusing, it all makes sense in the end. It’s one of those games that lets you make the decisions which then affects what happens next and it also lets you choose what you want to happen in the end. After watching all of the possible endings, I decided that I loved the ending that PewDiePie chose the most (because MY OTP). I’ve linked where you can buy the game and also PewDiePie’s Beyond Two Souls playlist below this.

Beyond_Two_Souls_final_cover  unnamed


Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 19.36.03

SusanneDraws is one of my favourite artists ever. I found her on Instagram and I just love her art so much! I’ve brought three things that have her art on, a mug (which is the first thing that I mentioned on this blog post), a computer case and also an art print. I really want to buy more of her art because I love it so much and I also love seeing her new pieces of artwork as well. I’ve linked all of her social media accounts below, and also the websites that she sells her art on just in case you want to buy some 🙂



Twitter_logo_blue unnamed apple-touch-icon-152x152.png 8445709_300x300  unnamed unnamed.png NR36ltt4

Thank you for reading!



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