1920’s Photoshoot

I recently went to my Mum’s work to be a model for one of her students. It was something that the students did for fun. The student I was a model for was called Noureen and she did an amazing job on my hair and makeup (and she hasn’t even done a makeup course!). Her idea was to make me into someone in the 1920’s.

It was so fun seeing my hair being styled, my make up being put on and also posing for the photoshoot. I had modelled before for my Mum’s work when they had their graduation and the students did my hair and makeup and I walked down a catwalk! That was fun as well but this one was fun because there was a professional photographer taking some pictures of me and a few other models, and also because there wasn’t any pressure on me making a mistake. Can you imagine if I walked down the catwalk and tripped over in front of lots of people?!? What a mess that would be…

Here is a slideshow of the pictures of the photoshoot I did 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have linked my Mum’s work’s website down below on the image so you can click on it if you want to. Thank you for reading!





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