My Hair Through the Ages

Today I got my hair coloured and it changed quite a bit so I wanted to share it with you all, but instead of just showing you the one photo, I’d thought I’d do a little ‘Hair Through the Ages’ with my hair.

This was when I wanted my hair cut shorter last year. As my Mum is a professional hairdresser, she cut it and styled it for me. What she did was put my long hair in pigtails and then let my sister and my friend, Kimber cut off the pigtails. It was very funny and also weird seeing that much hair off of my head.


This was just before the summer last year when I was inspired to have highlights and ombre on my hair after seeing Zoe Sugg’s new hairdo. It was done my Mum again and I kept it like this for the summer, until the start of this year…

hair3  hair4

This was at the start of the year, when I wanted to change my hair again, and I decided to go for my hair being even more shorter and a lighter shade of brown. This was a joint effort by my Mum, my sister and some of my Mum’s hairdressing students. The snapchat of me was when I was giving sneak peaks to my friends and I thought my hair looked like Draco Malfoy’s hair in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (lol).


And this is what I had done today! You can see how much changed! My Dad and sister were both shocked when I came home and showed them my new hairdo. I now have blonde hair like my sister (although the top part of my hair is brown). It wasn’t what I wanted at first but I really liked it in the end! It was done by one of my Mum’s hairdressing students and she bleached it and added a toner 🙂

My next plan is to my hair cut again! (haha)

Thank you for reading!



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