A few weeks ago I went to an art supply shop and I brought a sketchbook. It’s an A5 one, so it’s small enough to fit into my bag to take it around everywhere I go. I brought it for when I go to England in the summer, so I could sketch, draw and do whatever I wanted to do in it. However, I couldn’t hold myself back and I’ve already used up quite a few pages of it! (I’ve posted them onto my Instagram: @chloeinhogwarts)

This is a sketch I did of my hand. I clenched it into a fist and took a picture of it so I could draw it.

This is a watercolour painting of someone who has scratched their back. I found a picture of this on Pinterest and I just felt like painting it. 

This is a sketch of a mug with coffee in. Instead of using watercolour paints, I actually used real coffee for the coffee splatters and drink. I had an idea to do this while making some tea (the complete opposite to coffee haha).

This is a page where I tested out creating bruises with watercolour. To be honest, I think I may have made them a bit too pink, but I still like them. 


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