For the past few days it’s been raining where I live and when it rains, it rains so hard. There aren’t any drains here so the whole country basically floods. Rain here is like a snow day in England. Everyone bunks off school and work because of the weather.

There are a lot of drawbacks to it raining as it floods and everywhere you go you have to watch out that you don’t step in massive puddles but it hardly ever rains where I live, so everyone gets excited about it.

The rain reminds me of being back in England. While I was in Chemistry the other day, I seriously felt like I was in London. I remember it raining so hard while I was in London before and that’s exactly what it was like over here.

We also had lots of thunder and lighting and also hail. We live in a hot country, so it’s very rare to get hail here. The last time I had seen hail was eight years ago! We also had to walk in it to get to school and the lighting looked like it was so close to my sister and I! It was fork lighting and the thunder claps were deafening. Even though it sounds terrible, it was very entertaining. When it rains here, it’s basically the subject of everything and is on every social media.

So I’ve decided to share some of my rain photos with you. I took them all on my iPhone and none of them are filtered.


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