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Writing stories has always been something I love. Last year I started writing a fanfiction about Joe Sugg and didn’t expect anyone to read it, but seven months later I nearly have 30,000 views on it. My goal is to always write more than 1000 words on each chapter, as I want to practice writing longer chapters. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to update it in a month as my GCSE’s are coming up and I can’t seem to write anything down. So, if you like Joe Sugg or just want to read a romance story, you might want to check it out.



Sophie Hale is a 22 year old YouTuber who is going to London for two weeks to catch up with her YouTube friends. Her fellow YouTube friend, Joe Sugg, offers her to stay at his place while his roommate Caspar is away filming a movie. Joe and Sophie are just friends, but over time, will they fall for each other?


Sample of Chapter One

I grabbed my vlogging camera off of the table and quickly shoved it into my bag. I looked around my messy room for anything I had missed, then zipped up my bag.

“Soph! Are you coming or what? We’re going to be late!” My sister, Bethany shouted.

“I’m coming!” I shouted back as I swung my heavy bag around my shoulder. I rushed outside the house and locked the front door.

“It’s about bloody time!” Bethany muttered as I clambered into the car. She put the key in the ignition and began to drive. I sighed as I unlocked my phone.

Bethany was giving me a ride up to London while on her way to go and meet her boyfriend, George, in Norfolk. I was staying in London for two weeks, catching up with all of my YouTube friends. Joe has offered for me to stay at his and Caspar’s flat while Caspar is away in LA filming a movie. I think it was called Laid in America or something like that. I am going to be sleeping in Caspar’s room.

A notification came up on my screen. It was Joe texting me.

You on your way yet? I’m so excited for you to get here!

I smiled and texted him back.

Yeah, we’ve only just got onto the road. I was doing some last minute packing. I’m so excited too!

“What are you smiling at?” Bethany asked, trying to peer over my phone.

“Oi! You’re supposed to be driving!” I slapped her arm.

“Hey! Don’t slap me while I’m driving!” She said with a shocked look on her face which then turned into a grin. “Are you talking to Joe?”

“That is none of your business!” I crossed my arms, pretending to be angry.

“Alright, alright! I’ll stop bothering you!”

“Good.” I smiled.

I opened up Twitter and began to write my tweet.

On my way to London! Can’t wait to see all my friends again! 🙂

Within seconds I had already had three hundred favourites and a few replies. Loads of my fans are so fast. I scroll down on Twitter and read a few people’s tweets. A few seconds later, I see that one of the replies is from Joe.

@Sophietweets I can’t wait to see you! Get over here already! 🙂

I smiled at his reply and favourite it. I press down on the lock button of my phone then search around for my vlogging camera.

“Where’s my camera?” I asked Bethany.

“I don’t know, is it in your bag?”

“Oh, for goodness sake… Yes, it is.” I sighed. “I’ll just vlog on my phone then.” I opened up the camera app and started recording myself.

“Hey guys! I’m here with my sister, Bethany!” I exclaimed, showing the camera Bethany. “She’s taking me up to London today so I can visit all my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time!”

“Stop filming me!” Bethany said.

“Why? My viewers love you.”

“I haven’t put my makeup on yet!”

“Why do you care about that? You look beautiful without your makeup on.”

“Thank you Sophie but please don’t film me.” I turned the camera back to face me.

“Okay fine.” Then I smiled. “Anyway! I’m going to be daily vlogging the whole time I’m in London, so you can see what I’m up to!”

“And you’re going to be staying with a daily vlogger too, aren’t you Soph?” I laughed at Bethany. Joe hated being called a daily vlogger.

“Yes, I’m going to be staying with the daily vlogger himself while Caspar is away filming. I’m obviously going to be staying in Caspar’s room though, definitely not Joe’s.”

“You probably want to though.” Bethany sniggered.

“BETHANY! Now I have to edit that out!” I muttered. She giggled and I tutted.


Read We’re Just Friends. [A Joe Sugg Fanfiction] here.

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